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End Forming

E&M Copper Products take pride in our ability to fulfill custom end forming requirements. Our team works closely with clients to understand specific needs and deliver custom solutions, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

E&M is capable of end forming to automotive standards SAE J1231-2016, International Mobile Air Conditioning Association standards (IMACA).


Here is a brief overview of our key end forming capabilities:

  1. Saddle: Saddle on tubes sizing from 1/4″ up to 1-1/8″ in outer diameter.
  2. Expanded ends: E&M Copper Products Inc. excels in expanding tubing to precise dimensions. This capability is essential for applications requiring increased diameter while maintaining structural integrity.
  3. Reducing ends: Promotes continuous conduit minimizing the risk of potential leaks.
  4. Flanged: Our flanging capabilities ensure the creation of sturdy and reliable flanges on tubing or pipes. This process is essential for joining components securely and facilitating fluid or gas flow.
  5. Closed: E&M Copper Products Inc. can expertly perform closed-end forming, providing a sealed termination for tubing or pipes. This capability is ideal for applications requiring containment or closure.
  6. Flared: Our flaring capabilities enable us to create smooth and uniform flares on tubing or pipes. This is essential for applications such as plumbing and hydraulic systems.
  7. Double Flared: For applications demanding enhanced stability and leak resistance, our double flaring capabilities deliver precision and reliability. This process is commonly utilized in refrigeration, automotive and aerospace industries.
  8. Swage: E&M Copper Products Inc. provides a versatile solution for creating tapered or reduced sections in tubing or pipes. This capability is crucial for various applications, including HVAC systems and automotive components.


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